When to Fix a Phone Battery: Cell Phone Repairs

Phone batteries decline over time. Read this blog to learn more about your phone battery and when to get it replaced or repaired.

When to Fix a Phone Battery: Cell Phone Repairs

Faulty or aging phone batteries are among the biggest reasons why many of us change our phones every couple of years, apart from external damage of course. Smart phone batteries are lithium-ion batteries, which means they have a shelf life. Most phone batteries typically last between 300 – 500 full charges. The following signs are all signs of your cell phone battery aging:

  • Device responds slowly or takes time starting up
  • Battery requires more frequent charging than before
  • Phone heats up while charging
  • Never charges to 100%
  • Battery looks swollen or the phone looks cloudy around the edges of the screen

These signs can be exasperating to say the least while the last one can actually be hazardous. A knee jerk reaction when you realize your phone is aging is to start looking at some of the newest models of phones out there and wondering which one is the best to buy. However, what most people don’t know, and most phone companies won’t tell you, is that most phone batteries can be replaced.

Why replacing a phone battery is a good idea

Just because your battery is getting old, doesn’t mean your phone is. Getting your battery replaced means that it will extend the life of your phone for a few more years saving you money. Batteries are cheaper to replace than buying a new phone and you don’t have to go through the hassle of transferring your data and settings across to the new phone, however smooth the process might be these days.

Replacing your phone battery rather than buying a new phone is also a more environmentally friendly move to make. Especially since research shows that only about 1% of smartphones across the globe are actually recycled. So, by replacing your phone battery, you’re helping your wallet and the earth too!

Replacing your smartphone battery in Oklahoma

User replaceable batteries are almost a thing of the past and attempting to change them without the proper training can damage your phone even more. Additionally, the issue may not be just because of your battery’s age – many problems can also stem from loose contacts or dirty ports. A trained cell phone repair technician will be able to identify these issues quickly. A responsible smartphone repair centre in Oklahoma City will be able to provide you with the highest quality batteries to make sure that your phone continues to perform at its optimum.

Wireless Solutions & Accessories (WSA) has a team of smartphone repair experts who can identify the reasons why your phone is acting up and repair them. Before we start working on your phone, we provide a free estimate of how long repairs will take as well as any charges, so you won’t face any nasty surprises. Our experts can typically replace your smart phone battery within an hour, so you don’t have too much downtime.

We also offer warranties on all battery repairs against any manufacturing defects, so you can rest assured that we offer only the best! Find a WSA smart phone repair centre near you in Oklahoma City or contact us for an estimate today!

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