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Common Apple iPad Repairs

iPads are one of the most popular products we sell and repair- and for good reason. These tablets are loved by students, working adults, and children for their variety of uses and ability to replace a traditional laptop.

Repairing an iPad is usually a cost-effective solution when something goes wrong, and we’re here to help you navigate your repair. Below are a few common iPad issues that we can fix at WSA in Oklahoma City.

A white iPad with a broken screen on concrete

iPad Screen Repair

Cracked screens happen all the time, which means we’re experts at repairing them. People who use iPads for daily organization, digital art, or notetaking know that cracked iPad screens make these tasks a lot more difficult than they need to be.

If you have an iPad with a cracked screen, we recommend you visit us as soon as possible to get the damages assessed and fixed. Broken screens can lead to more damage over time and compromise the integrity of other screen features. This can eventually lead to more expensive damages like a flickering screen, LCD issues, or other damages that can make your iPad impossible to use.

Avoid tolerating a damaged iPad and prevent further issues from occurring by getting your iPad fixed! Screen damage is a common iPad issue, and we can help you get it taken care of.

Bad iPad Battery

As iPads get older and go through charging cycles, their batteries begin to deteriorate. This is why your iPad may not hold a charge like it used to. Instead of purchasing a new iPad, you can bring it to WSA to get your battery replaced and increase the lifespan of your device!

If it seems your charging port is no longer working, we can help you figure out why and get you the solution you need. Sometimes, all you need is a new charging cable or a good charge port cleaning. If we find your charging port isn’t working correctly, we can fix it for you. We always rule out all possible causes before resorting to repair!

Bring your iPad battery issues to WSA in OKC, and we can fix them!

iPad Water Damage

While cell phones most commonly experience water damage, we’ve seen our fair share of water-damaged iPads. Accidental spills, drops, or otherwise can be all it takes to cause issues with your iPad.

We run diagnostics on your iPad to determine what is experiencing moisture damage, what needs to be replaced, and how extensive the damage is. We check for water damage on all repairs to make sure all your bases are covered.

If your device’s water damage is an expensive fix or if the iPad is unusable, we carry a variety of new and pre-owned iPads at the best prices in Oklahoma City so you can easily find a replacement!

iPad Audio Issues

Whether it’s broken speakers, a faulty headphone jack, or issues with Bluetooth connectivity, we have the tools to fix your iPad audio issues. Bring your device to WSA for a diagnostic!

Sometimes, it’s as simple as replacing the audio device you’re using like headphones or Bluetooth speakers, both of which we carry at low prices. Audio jacks and device speakers can also get clogged with debris over time, and we can clean those out for you.

We have top-quality replacement parts in case you need your speakers or audio jack replaced as well. Let us repair your iPad audio issues at WSA!

iPad Camera Repair

We use our cameras on our mobile devices more than traditional and digital cameras these days! Having a broken camera is no fun, especially when you’re trying to capture your priceless memories.

If your iPad photos are coming out blurry, your camera won’t focus, your photos are discolored, or your camera isn’t working at all, bring your iPad to WSA so we can assess the issue. We can also fix cracks and scratches on your iPad camera that may mess with your image quality.

If your iPad camera isn’t performing the way it should, get your camera fixed with us at Wireless Solutions and Accessories! We get iPad repairs done fast and at great prices.

Get your iPad Repaired in Oklahoma City

Wireless Solutions and Accessories on North May in Oklahoma City can take care of all your wireless needs. If you’re in need of an iPad repair, you can contact us online or call us at (405) 849-6429.

Next time you need an iPad repair, call WSA! We repair devices fast at low prices using quality repair parts.

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