Protecting Cell Phone in Oklahoma City

Read this blog to learn how to take care of your cell phone and ensure it stays protected and lasts a long time.

Protecting Cell Phone in Oklahoma City

It’s always exciting when you decide to buy a new cell phone in Oklahoma City. However, in the modern mobile world, we live in, there’s never been a better time to increase your awareness of how you could be putting your phone at risk. There are several steps you should take to ensure your new cell phone is protected and secured. Let us walk you through them!

First, lock your cell phone

Studies show that 52% of people do not password-protect their mobile devices. Not having a lock on your phone leaves the ability for anyone to pick up your cell phone and have access to everything inside of it.

Set up your cell phone when you lock it to require a password or pin whenever you get back into it. We recommend skipping the simple four-digit pin and creating something longer and more unique to you.

Second, keep your phone updated

A cell phone is essentially a small computer sitting in your back pocket; therefore, keeping all of its data is critical. Your important documents, contacts, messages, appointments, and other information could take a long time to replace. Ensuring that your phone is updated and backed up keeps all of that information stored and easily transferable. It also is helpful when you get a new cell phone.

Third, activate “Find my Phone”

Whether you have an iPhone or not, there are programs on every mobile device that allow you to track your phone if lost. Not only can you track your phone’s location, but if you think someone has stolen it, there is the option to erase the data from the phone.

Finally, accessorize

Not only is it essential to protect the inside of your cell phone but the outside too. Ensuring that you buy a good quality screen protector and the case is necessary when you get a new cell phone. You don’t want to shatter your screen as soon as you step out of the store. Be sure to check out our selection of great cell phone accessories in Oklahoma City.

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