3 Common Phone Issues That Can Be Repaired

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3 Common Phone Issues That Can Be Repaired

Mobile phones are investments. When you finally get enough to pay for your dream phone, the last thing on your mind is getting it repaired. Regardless, we stick to the reality that some phone issues happen accidentally. Nobody can predict the future. This is why we always recommend ensuring that you always use a screen protector, phone case and additional phone safety essentials when you first purchase your new phone.

If the damage is fixable, mobile phone repair stores are eager to help. Here are some of the common phone issues that can be repaired without having to buy another phone.

Cracked or broken phone screen

All mobile phone screens are made of glass. Despite the suppliers advertising how unbreakable the glass is, let’s be honest, all phones can break. So, whether it is gorilla glass or any other ‘unbreakable glass,’ screen cracks and breakage are commonplace.

There is good news – screen cracks are fixable. Luckily, phone manufacturers assemble and sell screens for repairs. Why do you think they do this? Because, gorilla glass or not, screens break, and they need to be replaced!

So, depending on the extent of the crack or breakage, repair people have the experience to assess the damage and resolve the issue without compromising quality.

All in all, a cracked phone is fixable.

Poor battery life

The second most prevalent mobile phone issue is poor battery life. In such cases, you charge your battery, even overnight, and it reads full. Then, once you get to work an hour later, your battery blinks red.

Due to our reliance on smartphone technology, this can devastate our ability to complete daily tasks. But, worry not. Phone batteries can be replaced! Most phone repair dealers have a plethora of replacement batteries on hand. Your phone will be as good as new. This applies to both phones with removable and non-removable batteries.

Faulty charging port

Speaking of batteries, another battery issue could be caused by a faulty charger port. And we all know that a phone without charge is utterly useless.

Under these circumstances, keen to eliminate the possibility that the issue is the charging cable, the repair person will assess the port carefully. If the issue is indeed the charging port, it will be replaced.

Take away

If you are having one of these issues, it is not the end of the world, these phone issues can be repaired! However, there might be times when the damage outweighs the repair and you might have to replace the phone. In some cases, the fixes are doable but can cost you more than a new phone. This is something that our specialists at WSA can assess for you and then ensure we provide you with the best solutions for you whether that means fixing the repair or going to the route of choosing a new phone.

Regardless, before you buy a new phone, make sure that the issue you have is unfixable or too expensive.

In conclusion, get a comprehensive assessment and, most importantly, get a legit repair dealer to get any of the problems fixed. Contact Wireless Solutions and Accessories for all your phone repair issues.

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