Top 5 Technology Gifts for the Holidays

Do you know someone who loves technology? Read this blog to pick out the perfect gifts for the tech-lovers in your life!

Top 5 Technology Gifts for the Holidays

The year is drawing to an end and the holidays are right around the corner. The gifting season is just beginning! We’ve all got this absolute tech-obsessed friend (or maybe it’s you?!) and picking a gift for him or her might be tedious if you aren’t a technology geek yourself! Well, that’s alright, we’ve got your back. Here’s our list of five top technology gifts that any tech fiend would be proud to own.

A Superb Smart Phone

Smart phones are an integral part of our lives. But someone who knows their tech knows that you can have a smartphone, or you can have a smartphone. The only phones worth having are the ones with all the features and tech specs you’ll ever need. Well, we’ve got some recommendations for all pocket sizes – the gifter’s and the giftee’s!  (pun intended)

The newest OnePlus 9 has really got our attention, a great mid-range phone that gives all others quite a fight. Power packed with features; this Phone has an absolutely gorgeous wide-angle camera too. You can choose from 8GB and 12GB of processing.

Another great and super unique smartphone would be a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. It’s definitely at the forefront of today’s folding phones while not compromising on the tech amazingness of the famous Galaxy series!

An iPhone

We all somehow always want one, don’t deny it. The whole android-vs-apple debate is never ending, but Apple’s newest release is a must have! Slightly in the higher price range are the recently released iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13Pro. The Pro features 3 lenses on its back camera and an astounding photo-capturing ability.

These phones are ready for 5G networks, a long battery life and have wireless charging too! That not good enough? The iPhone 13 has magnets built in its body to attach various accessories!

Smart Watches

A smart watch is another great high-tech gift. From being able to keep a track of your exercise routine and your heart rate to being your schedule reminder, being able to tell the time is amongst the simplest things that this device is expected to do! The best part is that smart watches come in a wide range of prices so you can pick one based on your budget – no matter how big or small. A smart watch will always make a welcome addition to anyone’s tech collection.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Music is our lifeline and having a great pair of earphones is something you just can’t go through the day without. These are getting smaller, yet more robust, swankier yet simpler to operate! Many of these also have active noise- cancellation, which is bound to help make your friend’s commute to work an absolute breeze!


Vinyl records are making a come-back with plenty of popular artists pressing LPs for their newest releases. Chances are that your music-obsessed, tech savvy buddy has some vintage LPs lying around in the attic too! A turntable is the ideal gift for such a person. The warmth (and visual appeal) of listening to music on a gramophone is unparalleled! There are a number of incredible models out there in the market, with great analog to digital conversion if you intend to hook them up to the speakers too!

Whatever your tech needs this holiday season, our team at WSA will be happy to help. Your tech-savvy friend will be impressed by your knowledge! You can also check out phones and plans on our online store or check out some cool accessories here.

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