How to Get the iPhone 14 Pro for Cheap

Get the iPhone 14 for cheap using these trade-in and repair hacks! Buy a pre-owned device from WSA or get your phone repaired to increase the value of your phone trade-in.

3 Steps to Get the iPhone 14 Pro for Less

The iPhone 14 line has just been released. This new phone features excellent and improved camera quality, an amazing battery life, the new iPhone Dynamic Island design, and more. The 14 Pro does, however, come with a hefty price tag, starting at $999. We’ll show you how to offset that cost with this phone trade-in hack.

How it Works

If you’re familiar with upgrading your phone through your cellular carrier, you’ve probably dealt with your phone being worth less than you thought, getting less money for a damaged phone, or having to settle for a model you didn’t want. We’re here to tell you that you can make the phone trade-in system work for you, not against you.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to bring your phone to your carrier as-is when you go for a trade-in. You don’t even have to bring the original phone they sold you in the first place. You can make the phone trade-in process work in your favor this way.

Purchasing pre-owned devices before your trade-in or getting your device repaired can help make that new iPhone 14 Pro cheaper than that $999 price tag. These steps can show you how.

1. Look up your carrier's trade-in rates

Before you get started, you need to understand how trading with your carrier works and what to expect. Carriers change their phone trade-in rates all the time, so be sure to keep up with them before you visit. You may find deals you didn’t know were happening that can help offset the cost even more.

Pay attention to what devices are selling for what amount and figure out how much you want to save on the new device you’re looking for. For example, if you can trade in an iPhone XR for $650 at Verizon, that would be $650 off the iPhone 14 Pro. Find the model of phone you’re looking to trade in and see what discount you can get.

Keep in mind though, some trade-in rates can be affected if you owe money on a financed device. Your best bet is to make sure your current device is paid off so you can get the best phone trade-in value possible.

2. Determine how much you want to save and purchase a pre-owned device

This is where the magic happens. Let’s say you’re looking to get $400 off the iPhone 14 Pro, but your phone is only worth $160 at trade-in. Take a look at what other devices are valued at, especially if there are deals happening. Instead of trading in your current phone for only $160 in credit, you could purchase a pre-owned iPhone XR for $299 from Wireless Solutions and Accessories and then trade it to your carrier for an $800 credit. That’s $800 off the iPhone 14 Pro for a $299 investment.

So, you can purchase a pre-owned device that’s valued well for trade-in at your carrier and ultimately save a ton more money than if you had traded in your original device. Our example brings the iPhone 14 Pro price down to just $199 rather than $839 if the original device had been traded. By investing in a newer, pre-owned device for your trade-in, you can get a better deal.

Again though, make sure you're aware of any financing balance you may have on your current device with your carrier. A balance can take money away from a phone trade-in credit or even disqualify you from the trade-in value completely.

3. How to trade in a damaged phone

Let’s say you want to trade in your iPhone 12, but it isn’t eligible due to a crack in your phone screen. Here, you can forego the previous method. Instead of purchasing a pre-owned device, you can get your phone repaired at WSA. With your device good as new, you can trade it in for full credit.

This only works if the damaged device qualifies for the trade-in value you’re looking for. If you have an older phone, it may be worth investing in a pre-owned device rather than repairing the old one. If you’re unsure, you can bring the device to WSA and we can walk you through your options.

Wait… shouldn’t this be more complicated?

Nope! So long as you pay attention to prices and trade-in rates, you can come to WSA to increase the profit of your trade-in. If you’re looking to get the iPhone 14 Pro for cheap, visit us at WSA and we can help you get the right pre-owned device or repair! We assist guests with pre-owned devices and repairs all the time, so we know how to help you and walk you through the process.

All these prices, deals, and investments can seem confusing, but what it boils down to is how much you want to save, what trade-in deals your carrier is running, and how much you’re willing to invest in a repair or pre-owned phone. You can use these steps to help you get the best deal possible on an iPhone 14 Pro, and we can help you assess your options here at WSA. 

So, visit WSA and get the new iPhone 14 Pro for cheap! 

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