Cell Phone Technicians Explain 3G in 2022

As we roll into a 5G world, 3G cell service phasing out. Read this blog to learn what that means for your devices and how cell service will improve!

Here is everything you need to know!

At WSA, not only as cellphone technicians but iPhone and Samsung experts, we know technology is changing fast. That’s why we’re here to break it down and make your transition to 5G as smooth as possible!

3G network is phasing out… What is happening?

Major cellular service providers are phasing out their third generation, 3G, connectivity. The companies are doing this to make way for newer technologies as we advance to fifth-generation or 5G networks. 5G will allow us to power technologies well beyond our current limits, such as smart homes and faster handheld devices. It is important to know how 5G will affect these changes because it will directly affect your phone’s ability to make and receive calls, use cellular services, or even make calls to 911. However, only phones that rely on 3G networks will be affected by these changes.

What major carriers AT&T and Verizon are saying?

Each company is retiring its 3G connectivity at separate times. We know AT&T is ending its services in February 2022. While Verizon has announced that they are ending their 3G connectivity by the end of this year. Other major carriers, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, are also planning for a 2022 phase-out.

Should you be concerned about your iPhones or Samsung phones?

It is important to find out if your phone will be affected before these changes take effect so that you will not have a disruption of service. Our cellphone technicians have prepared a comprehensive list of all the phones that will be affected by these network changes below! If you do not know how to find your phone model number, we have provided instructions for finding your iPhone’s model number, as well as Android.

For Apple users, open your phone’s settings. Click on “General.” Then click on “About.” On this “About” page you will see your phone’s model number. For Android users, open your phone’s settings. Click on “About device.” On this “About Device” page you will see your phone’s model number.

List of cellphones that will be affected after 3G is phased out in 2022.

Here is the list of your smartphones that will still work on AT&T and major carrier plans after 3G is phased out in 2022.  Apple is simple. iPhone 7 models and newer will all work fine after the phase-out of 3G networks. Samsung is a little more complicated.

Complete list of Samsung phones that will still work after the phase-out of 3G networks:

Galaxy A71 5G (A716U, A716U1), Galaxy A52 5G (A526U, A526U1), Galaxy A51 5G (A516U, A516U1, A516UP), Galaxy A42 5G (A426U1), Galaxy A32 5G SE (A326U, A326U1/DS), Galaxy A13 5G (A136U), Galaxy A12 SE (A125U, A125U1/DS), Galaxy A02 (A025A, A025U1/DS), Galaxy Note 20 (N980F, N980F/DS), Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (N985F, N985F/DS), Galaxy Note20 5G (N981U*, N981U1, N981W, N981B, N981B/DS), Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (N986U*, N986U1, N986B, N986B/DS), Galaxy Note10 (N970U, N970U1*, N970W, N976B, N970F, N970F/DS), Galaxy Note10+ (N975U, N975U1*, N975F, N975F/DS), Galaxy Note10+ 5G (N976U), Galaxy Note9 (N960U*, N960U1*), Galaxy Note8 (N950U*), Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990U, SM-G990U1, G990B, G990B/DS, G990F, G990F/DS), Galaxy S21 5G (G991U, G991U1, G991W, G991B, G991B/DS), Galaxy S21+ 5G (G996U, G996U1, G996W, G996B, G996B/DS), Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (G998U, G998U1, G998W, G998B, G998B/DS),

Galaxy S20 (G908F, G980F/DS), Galaxy S20+ (GG985F, G985F/DS), Galaxy S20 5G (G981U, G981U1, G981W, G981B, G981B/DS), Galaxy S20+ 5G (G986U, G986U1, G986B, G986B/DS), Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (G988U, G988U1, G988W, G988B, G988B/DS), Galaxy S20 FE (G781U, G781U1, G781UC, SM-G781W, G781B, G781B/DS, G780F, G780F/DS), Galaxy S10 (G973U*, G973UC, G973U1*, G973W, G973F, G973F/DS), Galaxy S10+ (G975U*, G975U1*, G975W, G975F, G975F/DS), Galaxy S10 5G (G977U, G977B, G977F), Galaxy S10e (G970U*, G970U1*, G970W, G970F, G970F/DS), Galaxy S9 (G960U*, G960U1*), Galaxy S9+ (G965U*, G965U1*), Galaxy S8 (G950U*), Galaxy S8 Active (G892A), Galaxy S8+ (G955U*), Galaxy XCover Pro (G715U1, G715A), Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (SM-F711U, SM-F711U1, F711B), Galaxy Z Flip 5G (F707U, F707U1, F707W, F707B), Galaxy Z Flip (F700U/DS, F700U1, F700F, F700W/DS), Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (SM-F926U, SM-F926U1, F926B, F926B/DS), Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (F916U, F916U1, F916W, F916B), Galaxy Z Fold (F900U, F900U1, F900F, F907B).

So what can we expect from this new technology?

With a fifth-generation network, you can expect:

  • A more seamless experience when streaming video or using other bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Faster downloads of large files
  • Lower latency for online gaming and other interactive applications
  • More reliable connections to the internet across greater distances

Applications that were once reserved for desktops will now be available on the go, and people’s working habits will change dramatically. In many ways, this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive! But we also need to ensure that everyone has access to these life-changing technologies, regardless of their location or income level. That’s why it’s important for us to invest in our telecommunications infrastructure and make sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this new era.

So what does all this mean for you?

Here are a few ways that you can expect your life to change with the advent of fifth-generation wireless technology:

  • You’ll be able to download entire movies in seconds. Imagine being able to watch your favorite movie without having to wait hours for it to buffer! With fifth-generation wireless technology, that’s now a reality.
  • Your work commute will become much more efficient. Thanks to the always-on connectivity of fifth-generation wireless technology, you’ll be able to work on the go like never before.
  • You’ll also be able to experience augmented and virtual reality in a whole new way – With 5G wireless technology, AR and VR will no longer be confined to your home or office. You’ll be able to enjoy these immersive experiences virtually anywhere.

This means that users will be able to download files much quicker, experience less lag when playing games or streaming videos, and have a better overall connectivity experience. Businesses can expect to be more efficient thanks to 5G networks, and consumers will have access to more information than ever before. It’s an exciting time for wireless technology and we’re the cell phone shop to let you know all about it! Visit WSA today to talk with our cellphone technicians to learn about our 5G and network compatible phones!

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