Get Your Screen Repaired

Cracked glass? Unresponsive touch screen? Flickering? Get your screen repaired at WSA.
A young man holding up a phone with a shattered screen looking sad

"Now, not only do I have a phone that's LCD isn't ruined and covering have of the screen; the body of my phone isn't cracked or scratched, my camera looks beautiful again, and my phone is way more responsive. All for 100 bucks. I really appreciate y'all, seriously, thank you."

Anna D.
Verified Customer
A person holding a phone with a broken screen
Phone Screen Repairs

Common Screen Issues

A broken screen can be a minor inconvenience, but it can also make your phone difficult to use. Below are a few common damages we can repair.
Vertical lines on the screen
Flickering screen
Cracked or broken glass
Touchscreen glitches
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